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We are supporting student entrpreneurship

City of Liverpool College is set to become the key enabler of student enterprise awareness, promotion and creation in the City Region by adopting a bold and ambitious approach and taking the lead responsibility for the effective implementation of an innovative student enterprise strategy. The Women’s Organisation as a specialist enterprise provider has been selected as a core partner in this project and will deliver a programme of events to raise awareness and aspiration of enterprise amongst students and staff.

About Student Enterprise Venutres (#IAmEnterprising)

The core aim of the partnership will be to facilitate and work towards their entrepreneurial ambitions and which will contribute to the achievement the following key objectives;

1.    Profile and position City of Liverpool College as the key driver in enterprise awareness, support and education  
2.    Develop and grow enterprise culture with the student body within the college   
3.    Improve start up rates of students’ businesses  
4.    Improve student employability outcomes from an intra and entrepreneurial perspective  
5.    Measurably improve number of female student led enterprises within the college 

Contribute to and improving the Enterprise Culture 
•    to improve the enterprise culture within the college by utilising one of its key assets –previous student entrepreneurs as role model and ambassadors for women’s enterprise and to demonstrate the boroughs enterprise aspirations  
•    implementing a focused social media, press and publicity relations campaign to launch and raise the profile of Student Enterprise Ventures and the commitment of  the City of Liverpool College to the entrepreneurial agenda    
Providing the right infrastructure mix to meet Student Business awareness, creation and development needs 
•    It will establish City of Liverpool College as the key portal in accessing enterprise support with The Women’s’ Organisation  as the core service delivery point - web based information, joint marketing and branding 
•    It will pilot an innovative and comprehensive product and service offering to would be student entrepreneurs across the college campuses  

Untapped Potential      
•    It will help deliver effective change in priority areas e.g. students seeking to develop their intra-preneurial and entrepreneurial capacity 
•    It will tackling economic inactivity by enabling students  to become more employable and access enterprise opportunities as leavers of education 

Greater Impact 
•    Enabling and supporting more students to start viable businesses 
•    Improving sustainability, productivity and competitiveness  of student led enterprise through bespoke advice and support programmes 


#IAmEnterprising Programme

In 2015 #IAmEnterprising hosted a number of events with City of Liverpool College, with students getting involved in developing their ideas for a business. Through a number of activities we engaged with the students, and anyone with a great business idea was invited to attend a ‘Business Boot Camp’. Here the students met business experts who gave them advice on marketing, money and making it happen.

The students were invited to perfect their business plans before the final stage of #IAmEnterprising when 7 students pitched to a panel of judges from The Women’s Organisation, Morecroft’s Solicitors, Agent Marketing and City of Liverpool College. The students battled to convince the judges that their idea was worth the £3,000 prize package to get their business started.

Kate Johnson and her business idea The Chocolate Gallery was named the winner of the #IAmEnterprising Competition of 2015, and continues to work with The Women’s Organisation and our partners of the project to start her business.

Image Credit: Brian Roberts Images

The Women’s Organisation and City of Liverpool College are continuing to help enterprising students with their business ideas and are looking forward to the future of #IAmEnterprising!

If you are a City of Liverpool College student with a great business idea, get in touch with our team to see how The Women’s Organisation and your college can support you…

Keep an eye out for future #IAmEnteprising news and events on the blog!

More than twice as many men than women are self employed: 14% of men, 6% of women.
source: Fawcett - The changing labour market
Women in full-time work currently earn an average of 15% less per hour than men
source: Fawcett - The changing labour market
"I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself, that is the best combination"
source: Dame Judi Dench
In 2010, 104 million women in 59 countries started and managed new business ventures
source: GEM 2010 - Women's Report
30,000 women every year lose their jobs as a result of becoming pregnant.
source: GEM 2010 - Women's Report
"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any"
source: Alice Walker


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