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Hot Desking

Hot Desking is an efficient, cost-effective and flexible service that allows individuals to hire a desk space for as little or as long as needed.

For more information about hot desking facilities, please visit 54 St James Street's website, here

At 54 St James Street we champion small business and start-ups, so we know that not every business is ready for or requires permanent office space. Hot desking is an innovative alternative to traditional office space that is particularly useful to those self-employed or travelling for business.

Our business centre attracts a range of people from various organisations and is a home to over 200 businesses including The Women’s Organisation. Here, you will be part of a business community that thrives off networks and collaboration, helping you to grow and diversify.

We offer competitive prices on a flexible basis, whether that be half a day, a full day or by monthly membership. Other perks include;

  • Complimentary self-service tea & coffee
  • On-site lockers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Reception with printing, photocopying and scanning services
  • Monthly members are eligible for 10% discount on room hire
  • On-site café

Please contact our Venue team on 0151 706 8100 or venue@thewo.org.uk for more information or to request a viewing.

More than twice as many men than women are self employed: 14% of men, 6% of women.
source: Fawcett - The changing labour market
Women in full-time work currently earn an average of 15% less per hour than men
source: Fawcett - The changing labour market
"I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself, that is the best combination"
source: Dame Judi Dench
In 2010, 104 million women in 59 countries started and managed new business ventures
source: GEM 2010 - Women's Report
30,000 women every year lose their jobs as a result of becoming pregnant.
source: GEM 2010 - Women's Report
"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any"
source: Alice Walker


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